Operational Excellence

Strategic operational decisions made when first establishing your company are critical as their complexity are quickly compounded. Ensure your operations are sustainable, scalable, and positioned favorably for acquiring companies.


Cost accounting

Integral consultants can help you understand how your company’s expenses impact burden, overhead, labor (direct and indirect) and material contributions to the standard cost of your innovative product. Knowledge of how acquiring companies will analyze the impact of your acquisition to their EBIT will enable you to strategically develop your product and company to ensure your company receives maximum value.


Manufacturing Infrastructure

Recognizing your company’s core competencies and building a complementing manufacturing infrastructure will highlight technological assets. Integral Medical Device Consulting has a wealth of experience building brick and mortar factories and establishing beneficial contract manufacturing relationships.



Obtaining CE Marking or FDA approval for your new technology is a major accomplishment. What often follows the sense of achievement is the realization of the need for a means for distributing your product to customers, invoicing them, and collecting revenue. Integral helps organizations establish compliant and scalable order to cash systems that deliver superb customer service.